Adopted at the 1996 AGM
Revised at the 2004 and 2008 AGMs

Note: the Statutes of reference are written in French. This is a translation.

Article 1

According to the provisions of the French law of the 1st of July 1901 and to the statutory orders of the 16th August 1901, an association is formed with the name Kangourou sans Frontières.

Its Head Office is at: 50 rue de Ecoles, 75005 Paris France. Its duration is permanent.

Article 2

This association aims to promote the diffusion of basic mathematical culture by every possible means, and particularly by the organisation of a contest taking place on the same day in all the countries concerned. It will establish friendly relationship with other organisations or international associations which have the same goals.

Article 3

The means of action of the association are the organisation of the contest, the realisation and the dissemination of documents, software, films, broadcasts, messaging, the setting up of information or entertainment networks, the organisation of meetings and exchanges between children and between teachers, colloquiums, training periods.

The principles of the organisation of contests whose name is Kangaroo in each country are decided by this association. However, each country stays entirely free of its management, without Kangourou sans Frontières association being held responsible, either financially or legally, for the organisation of the contest in a particular country

Article 4

The association is composed of:

Article 5

The list of active and founder members is annexed to the present statutes.

The admission of new members is subject to acceptance by either a majority of the Board of directors or a majority of the members present at the annual general meeting.

The distribution of the different members' nationalities must reflect as much as possible the association's shares in the different countries where it takes place.

The title of member of the association is lost by resignation or by cancellation pronounced for non-payment of the subscription or for serious grounds by decision of the Board of directors.

Article 6

The association's resources include:

Article 7

The president and the five board members are elected by the general assembly for three years. Their duties are effective right after the end of the meeting. Three vice-presidents selected according to the bylaws complete the board of directors.

Three vice-presidents selected according to the bylaws complete the board of directors.

No president may serve for more than three terms consecutively.

Article 8

The Board of directors meets at least once a year.

In addition, a meeting or teleconference of the Board may be called by the President, or by four members of the Board.

Decisions are taken by a majority of the votes.

Article 9

The association's annual general meeting includes all the members of the association and meets once a year.

It is notified by the chairman, the members have to be informed of its place, and its date, a month before it is held.

Its agenda is decided by the Board of directors.

It deals with the reports about the Board of directors' management, the financial and moral situation of the association. It approves the accounts for the year ended, it votes the budget of the following year, its deliberates on the items on the agenda and provides for the renewal of the outgoing members of the Board of directors. For some votes at the request of the representatives of five countries, the votes can be made according to the principle of one vote per country.

Article 10

An extraordinary general meeting can be called by the chairman or by demand of four members of the Board of directors or by demand of the half of the members plus one.

Article 11

Bylaws can be drawn up by the Board of directors and have to be approved by the annual general meeting.

These Bylaws fix various points not envisaged by the statutes, in particular those which concern the internal administration of the association.

Article 12

The statutes may be modified by proposal of the Board of directos or of one tenth of its members; the proposals must be sent to the members fifteen days before the general meeting which will decide about them. This meeting deliberates validly if a majority of members are assembled, and its decisions are taken by the absolute majority of the members present.

Article 13

In case of dissolution, pronounced by at least two thirds of the members present at the annual general meeting, one or several liquidators are nominated by the association and the assets are allotted according to article 9 of the French law of the 1st of July 1901 and to the decree of the 16th of August 1901.