Kangourou sans Frontières

Kangourou sans Frontières is an international association founded in France, which is formed by maths lovers from all over the world. Motivated by the importance of mathematics in the modern world, their passion is to spread the joy of mathematics, support mathematical education in school and promote a positive perception of mathematics in society. The main activity of Kangourou sans Frontières is designing the annual Kangaroo Mathematics Competition. Mathematical problems in multiple-choice form are offered to children of all school levels. The questions are not standard textbook problems and come from a large variety of topics. Besides inspiring ideas, perseverance and creativity, they require imagination, basic computational skills, logical thinking and other problem solving strategies. Often there are small stories, surprising questions and results, which encourage discussions with friends and family. The organisation of the competition in the individual countries is up to the members of Kangourou sans Frontières.

The Association Kangourou sans Frontières (AKSF) is deeply concerned by the situation in Ukraine following the Russian military aggression. We strongly condemn the actions by Russia and support the resolution of the United Nations demanding the Russian Federation immediately ends the illegal use of force in Ukraine and withdraws all troops. Our deepest sympathy goes to our Ukrainian colleagues and the Ukrainian people.